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Outdoor Billboard Poster Printing

One Off Billboard Advertising - A Great Way To Get Your Business Noticed


Dismaland Bemusement Park - Weston-super-Mare

Design: kennardphillipps | Billboard Poster: Redcliffe Imaging

Most small businesses would benefit if they could make their company standout by advertising close by or right outside their own premises. A high impact, full colour billboard poster is the ideal way to target the customers in your local area. Billboard advertising can be highly effective if you are looking to launch a new service or product, build awareness about your services or promote your next forthcoming event, show or open day.

Custom Poster Printing with Billboard Poster Media

London College of Communication billboard poster
billboard London College of Communication

Courtesy - Max Houghton (Curator) Beyond Borders
© London College of Communication

studio billboard poster back drop

Studio space at Baltic 39
© Gethin Wyn Jones

theatre billboard poster media

Theatre set using billboard poster media
© Layard Theatre, Canford School

‘The Government Inspector’ by Nikolai Gogol, staged by the Layard Theatre, Canford School with sets designed by Kevin Wilkins and Colin Hoare utilised blue backed billboard poster media for the large format graphic image displays.

Redcliffe's blue back billboard poster media is a highly opaque, satin finish media with a multilayered satin coating, that consistently produces brilliant, high-quality prints. The surface coating absorbs ink and then encapsulates colourant molecules delivering high colour brilliance as well as water resistance.

I had a print produced for a film set as a back drop in a billboard print format. The delivery came here prompt and the finish was great, I was really pleased with the results and the support in producing a fast turn around for my short deadline was brilliant - Anneka Bounds

studio billboard poster back drop

Lay of the land (and other such myths): Victoria Lucas, 2017
installation view: HOME, Manchester, UK
Produced by Mark Devereux Projects

theatre billboard poster media

Lay of the land (and other such myths): Victoria Lucas, 2017
installation view: London Art Fair, London, UK
Produced by Mark Devereux Projects

Slinger Francisco ("Little Sparrow") Timeline - ICA

Design: Mark Harris | Billboard Graphic: Redcliffe Imaging

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We have produced a Free Printed Sample Pack of all currently available poster print and custom wallpaper media. Each media sample has a full colour image for you to evaluate colour saturation and density.

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Please note that this outdoor poster media does not have fire certification
We recommend applying a flame retardant finish for indoor usage

Billboard Poster Printing

If you need a low volume of quality billboard poster printing then we have the solution, produced direct from file, you can order at volumes of between 1 and 150.

Our finished outdoor billboard posters are printed using UV stable solvent inks, which means they have far more contrast and impact than ordinary digital posters.

Using a high quality 120gsm blue backed billboard poster paper suitable for paste application. This heavier than standard weight offers greater tear resistance and easier handling and is blue backed for reduced show through of previous posters.


Billboard Advertising - 48 Sheet Billboard

See artwork guide - Minimum recommended page sizes for billboard artwork

Poster artwork specifications for supported software applications to produce your poster graphics.

Poster enquiries page for quantity discounts and quotations for custom poster sizes.

Guide to Pasting up billboard & outdoor posters

designing billboard

Billboard Poster Sizes

96 Sheet Billboard Poster
96 Sheet Billboard Poster - Finished size: 12192mm x 3048mm
Comprising of 24 sections of 40ins x 60ins (1016mm x 1524mm)

48 Sheet Billboard Poster
48 Sheet Billboard Poster - Finished size: 6096mm x 3048mm
Comprising of 12 sections of 40ins x 60ins (1016mm x 1524mm)

6 Sheet Poster
6 Sheet (Adshell) Poster - Finished size: 1200mm x 1800mm

Designing Your Billboard Poster

Billboards are a very visual medium, so keep words to a minimum and use good quality images to convey your products or services.

A 48 sheet billboard poster, like the one shown here, can help target your customers and make your business really stand out.

You need to catch a person's attention and create a memorable impression very quickly to make your billboard advertisement stand out. This means it must be readable in a very short time because billboards are usually read while being passed at speed.

This works best when there are only a few words, in large print, with a humorous or arresting image in brilliant or contrasting colour.

It is very important that the message on your billboard is completely clear when viewed from a distance.

Custom Outdoor Advertising Hoarding

Promote your products or services with a cost effective outdoor advertising hoarding. If there is a large blank wall near your business premises that you own or can rent, then consider a long term advertising hoarding that is designed to last.

These strong and durable graphic display panels can be cut to any custom shape or size and can be screwed, nailed or riveted to any suitable surface.

The UV stable inks are warrantied to last a minimum of 3 years and the inert display panel will not distort or bow and has a class 1 fire rating making it also suitable for indoor public display areas.

Our fully trained and experienced installers carry the relevant safety and training certification and are available to fix your advertising hoarding anywhere in the UK.


designing billboard



permanent billboard


Eye Road, Welland Estate, Peterborough
by Sandra Keating.

An ongoing series of photographic landscape installations in ‘deprived’ or 'vulnerable' areas, relating to landscape ecology and Biophilia theory that we genetically feel ‘SAFE’ when we look at open vista’s and flat-land horizons.

"Luckily, this billboard was derelict and abandoned and kindly given for free by the new land owners as it wasn't for monetary gain. It's peeling off now, but I like that and in many ways, this project endeavours to be everything that advertising is not. To continue the journey, this will rely on love, luck and is open to commissions, location permission + any other funding opportunities or support available".

Project Wonderlands
The Connection of environmental art | ecopsychology | conceptual art as therapy


Welland installation - Lee Mason and William Robertson.

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